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EXPERT LEVITATOR demands no modification or alteration of the existing building interiors or aesthetics. No space is wasted either and it does not entail any costly running expenses or maintenance. The car can be exclusively custom built to suit the interiors and the whole system has an optional remote control.

The fastidious passenger enjoys a smooth and silent ride, only a hydraulic system can ensure. The lift can be lowered by a battery back-up in case of power failure. EXPERT LEVITATOR is specially suited as a personal lift and to the aged and handicapped with wheel chairs in low-rise buildings, duplex villas and bungalows.

The basic construction, systems and safety levels conform to ISI standards. The advent of hydraulic system - based EXPERT LEVITATOR design is bound to leave Traction Lifts for smaller heights obsolete in not too far a future. Many a satisfied customer vouch for the ease and dependability of the EXPERT LEVITATOR vis-a-vis the Traction Lift. 

Way ahead in the field of hydraulic elevators, we take pride in being the pioneers in bringing the EXPERT LEVITATOR to your door step and further up to the realms of your personal comfort.